Birthdays in August celebrated at Trinity Mission

Image: Birthday celebration.

Birthday celebration. (Cindy Sutherland)

Another hot month in Texas brings with it many birthdays to be celebrated at Trinity Mission. There were nine birthdays in August. One birthday girl turned one hundred and two years old. That was no other than Buna Guthrie and she is very proud of it.

The residents celebrating their birthdays this month are: James Brockman, Joyce Cupp, Angeline David, Robert Dilworth, Buna Guthrie, Lawrence Jones, Maxine Lipscomb, Neal Perkins and Jimmy Wheeler.

When I asked Buna how she felt about being one hundred and two this year she said, “I feel one hundred and two. Some people say I don’t look it, maybe I don’t but I feel it. I was always afraid I wouldn’t live long enough to raise my children and here I am one hundred and two years old and I was able to do it and I am still here.”

As usual there was plenty of ice cream and lots of cupcakes for all. Everyone was having a good time celebrating nine birthdays.

“August birthdays at Trinity Mission came in fast with ice cream and punch. Everyone is having a blast. I always say, ‘Let them eat cake!’ Summer is coming to an end and we are ready for the Fall birthdays here at Trinity Mission where we celebrate the joy of life every day,” said Carolyn Powell (activities director).

Another great day of celebration at Trinity Mission.