Italy ISD tax rate, budget tabled Monday

The Italy School Board of Trustees tabled the proposed budget and tax rate for the 2012/2013 school year at its monthly meeting held Monday evening.

A public hearing to discuss the budget and proposed tax rate was held at 6 p.m. to an empty auditorium. There were no members of the public present.

The proposed tax rate is $1.240010 — $1.17 for maintenance and operation and $0.070010 for interest and sinking funds per $100 valuation.

During the regular business meeting later in the evening Mark Stiles, trustee, mentioned that nobody came to the public hearing.

“Nobody came up here tonight to say one word,” he said. “That means they passed their chance to say one word, in my opinion.”

The evening started with a budget workshop at 5 p.m. which included an executive session to discuss personnel.

During the consent agenda at the regular meeting, Stiles told Natasha Blackburn, business manager, that the check register should be more transparent.

He told her, “I think we make it so hard that we don’t have people show up to listen.”

The trustees eventually unanimously approved minutes from the previous meetings, the utility reports, the check register, monthly investment and cash position report and tax collection rate.

The cash position report, as of July 31 is:

Cash in Bank Prior Balance Monthly Activity July 31 Balance
General Operating $473,191.77 $48,979.79 $522,171.56
Texpool – General Operating $1,692,924.42 $189.31 $1,693,113.73
General Operating Fund $2,166,116.19 Total $2,215,285.29
Interest & Sinking $108,254.35 $731.58 $108,985.93
Texpool – Interest & Sinking $44,485.70 $4.98 $44,490.68
Interest & Sinking Fund $152,740.05 Total $153,476.61
Payroll Clearing Fund $224,897.88 $15,030.81 $239,928.69
Student Activity Funds $65,486.64 $2,722.63 $68,209.27
Money Market Account $779,937.70 $297.27 $780,234.97
Certificate of Deposit $502,490.91 $0.00 $502,490.91
GRAND TOTALS $3,891,669.37 $3,959,625.74

The trustees, in other business, approved the addition of Blackburn onto the bank signature card and the Texpool account. They also approved the Professional Development & Appraisal System (PDAS) appraisers and deadlines for both campuses. Both principals are primary appraisers for their school campus with the other principal being secondary appraiser.

They also tabled the approval of the Student Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook.

A special meeting is tentatively scheduled for Monday, Aug. 27, to approve the tabled items.