Karen’s Korner – Being wrong is sometimes not so bad


I hate being wrong, but what I hate even more is having to admit it. As I get older though, admitting my faults gets a little easier.

Brian and I love to go out to eat with friends. We usually have favorite places to eat depending on what we are hungry for. 

Last Friday night, we went out to eat with our friends, Annette and Billy Hooser. Annette suggested we go to the Iron Skillet at Carl’s Corner. I reluctantly agreed, but was not excited about going because the last couple of times we had been there the food was not very good. 

When we arrived, we found a table in the back room. Jana, our waitress immediately greeted us and noticed my Italy Gladiator shirt. She told us she was from Frost and through conversation, the four of us found out we had mutual acquaintances. I was hoping her pleasantness was a prelude to good service and good food, but was doubtful. 

We placed our orders and headed to the salad and soup bar. I could not believe my eyes – the salad bar was so fresh and appealing and they even had navy bean soup, one of my favorites. I began to wonder if they had a new chef, a new manager or both. 

The salad and soup were wonderful. But, I was cautiously optimistic because the last chicken fried steak and baked potato I had eaten there were a mistake. 

When Jana brought our food and I took the first bite, I knew things were not the same. The steak was tasty, tender and perfectly cooked. My baked potato was so pretty and white inside – also perfectly cooked. 

I realized that if Annette had not suggested the Iron Skillet I would have missed a wonderful dining experience. I remember vowing the last time I ate there I would not return. Boy, I was so glad I had not stuck to that. I was very thankful my friend was right and I was wrong. 

Before we left we met Kevin, the new manager. We also were introduced to the chef so we could tell him what a wonderful meal he had prepared. 

I learned that night that being wrong is not so bad – especially if it means eating at the Iron Skillet that is. I know last Friday night is the first of many trips to Carl’s Corner. I can’t wait to try something else on the menu and visit with Jana. The end for now.