Upcomin’ nuptials in tha werks— the Hillbilly Wedding


This Saturday night thar’ll be some big goings on at the Italy First Baptist Church (200 Clark Street, Italy) and the whole town is invited. This’ll be tha day fer a hillbilly weddin that ya won’t wanna miss!

LuLu has done gone an asked Jethro to git hitched and it looks like its really gunna happen! Pa and Ma done gone and gave thar blessin.

Come’n join us Saturday, April 21 at 6:00pm but leave yer coon dogs back at home on yer porch. (LuLu don’t want Jethro to get no wanderin eye.)

Hope to see ya thar!

The youth of the Italy First Baptist Church will be presenting this production of the Hillbilly Wedding for your enjoyment. Offering plate donations will go towards funding their annual summer camp. Come for the spectacle and for a whole bunch of laughs!!