Rodney Ramsey: A Candidate for County and District Attorney in Ellis County

Image: Rodney Ramsey: Candidate for County and District Attorney

Rodney Ramsey: Candidate for County and District Attorney

I am proud to announce my candidacy for the office of County and District Attorney in Ellis County, and I need your support.

My family has resided in Ellis County for more than a century. My mother’s family was from the Bardwell area and my father was a farmer around Waxahachie for years. I was born and raised in Waxahachie Texas.

I graduated from Waxahachie High School in 1978. I attended Baylor University School of Radiologic Science in Dallas and completed my undergrad degree from Midwestern State University in Radiological Science. I completed my law studies at Texas Wesleyan School of Law in Fort Worth Texas, and opened my law practice in Waxahachie shortly thereafter.

My current practice is in family, civil and criminal law. I am an experienced city magistrate, municipal prosecutor, and trial attorney. I am no stranger to the courtroom and have represented clients in several counties throughout North Texas. I am licensed to practice in all Texas Courts and admitted to practice in the U. S. District Courts for the Northern District of Texas.

I have experience in private and government operations. I have personally supervised manufacturing facilities, plants in the private sector, and government operations requiring proven leadership skills. I have proven leadership skills. I have managed large and small business operations, including my own law firm. I have worked outside the government sector, and done so successfully for years. I do not get a paycheck every couple weeks, and I understand what it takes to get the job done.

The office of District Attorney in Ellis County is responsible for many different areas of the law. The office consists of approximately 35 employees, which is considerably smaller than some private businesses I have managed in the past. It requires someone with the ability not just to lead, but to inspire those around them. We must ensure fair and equal treatment through Justice. I will ensure Justice is served.

The job of any District Attorney is to seek Justice. They are charged not to convict, but to seek justice. Justice requires open government and full disclosure. We need more open government and disclosure in the Ellis County District Attorney’s Office. Many surrounding counties have true open file policies in which full disclosure is presented upon request, and the documents and information prepared and distributed to the defense attorneys. It saves our tax dollars by reducing time spent by attorneys representing the indigent. I will see that your tax dollars are no longer wasted by the closed file system. I will ensure open government within the office of District Attorney.

The District Attorney represents the interest of the State of Texas in legal proceedings and hearings. The State of Texas however does not elect the District and County Attorney. The people of Ellis County elect the District and County attorney. I believe in an open government of the people, by the people, and for the people. I will ensure the citizens of Ellis County are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. I will serve the citizens of Ellis County and ensure equal treatment, fairness, justice and full disclosure.

I am not a career politician, or government employee. I am not a political insider or appointee. I believe elected officials have a duty to the people and not to themselves. We have seen enough of the career politicians, cronyism, and the good old boy system. I hope you have also reached your limit. I believe in service to the people and will do my best once elected.

I will work to ensure your tax dollars are well spent. I am a fiscal conservative who believes in open and limited government. My Christian values are deeply rooted and mirror the same core Christian values and principles taught to all of us in our youth. I assist in local civic activities and support many different organizations and groups, but I do so privately as I personally believe good works do not require personal recognition.

I love my God, my country, my family, and my friends. I believe in our Constitution, as written, and will defend your rights while ensuring Justice is served. I am a staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms, and I have my own concealed handgun license. I appreciate my rights to fish, hunt, travel, and all others we, as Americans, sometimes take for granted.

I believe it is time to put a stop to the Status Quo and the constant recycling of career politicians. I believe citizens have the right to seek elected office and the people have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice on Election Day.

My office door is open, as it has always been, to anyone who has a question. Please contact me with your concerns, comments or observations and see the website at Thank you for your support and vote. Let’s make Ellis County a better place to live.