Citizens of the Month Brian and Karen Mathiowetz

Image: Karen and Brian Mathiowetz are very proud to be selected as Citizens of the Month

Karen and Brian Mathiowetz are very proud to be selected as Citizens of the Month (Cindy Sutherland)

I think everyone knows Brian and Karen Mathiowetz. Karen has lived in Italy for most of her life and Brian has lived here for seventeen years. They are both very active members in this small town community of Italy. They can be spotted at the Uptown cafe, seen at most of the high school ball games and at the nursing home visiting the residents to make them smile and to catch a hug or two. It is no wonder that they were selected as Citizens of the Month.

Karen and Brian love living in Italy, Karen said, “We are very honored and very thankful that Mayor Jackson chose to honor us this way. We love Italy, of course I was born and raised here and it means a lot to get the recognition for the things we have done to help the people here. We really do love the town and love the people here. We know that there are problems everywhere. Where there is shortage of funds and things can’t get done when people want them done. And I know having to pay high water bills is an issue. But in this town we have people that love others that are there no matter what happens. Where else can you go where you get hugs from people because they appreciate what you do for them.”

The Mathiowetz’s are very proud of our nursing home, Trinity Mission. “We have an amazing nursing home. We love the people at Trinity Mission. The employees are very good to the residents. So it is a great place to go when you need a hug or a smile,” explained Karen.

Brian is from Wabasso, Minnesota. He said, “Fifteen miles from where Little House on the Prairie was filmed is where I grew up. There really is a Mancado, Sleepy Eye and a Plum Creek. There is a Laura Ingalls Wilder pageant every year.”

“Brian has been adopted by the town, who would have thought that someone from the north would fit in so well but he has. I have a lot of who I call ‘my kids’ who are very important to me. Sports is a big part of mine and Brian’s life and going to all the ballgames we kind of have a vested interest in ‘our kids’ and they all have adopted him just like they have me and they are glad to see him and they hug him just like they hug me. It is just a good place to live,” explained Karen.