Regular Avalon Water Supply and Sewer Service meeting for March

The Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corporation (AWSSC) met Thursday evening for their regular monthly meeting. Topics for discussion were on the purchase of Gillespie land, hiring another meter reader, hiring an attorney, health insurance for Gregg Rodriguez, sewer update and appointing John Goodwyn’s replacement for vice president on the board.

Patsy Russell (board president) advised the Board last board meeting that David Waishes was interested in serving on the Board to fill John Goodwyn’s term of office. It was a unanimous vote and David Waishes is now the new vice president on the Board of Directors.

After some discussion it was decided to hire someone to help Gregg Rodriguez read the water meters and the salary would be $10.00 an hour. Russell suggested her grandson Tray Russell would be interested in the position. The Board voted on the salary and on the hiring of Tray Russell both were unanimously voted in.

Russell’s grandson, Jessie Munguia was unanimously voted in to be their attorney. Munguia said because this is a small town and his home town he would lower his $200.00 an hour rate to $125.00 an hour and not ask for a retainer. He said he specializes in constitutional law and civil rights.

The board decided to table the decision on the health insurance for employee Gregg Rodriguez until more research could be done to get the best insurance for the best price.

Dean Carrell (consultant for AWSSC) told the board members that the waste water plant is doing great and after the modifications they will make the tank will last a long time.

After the board returned from executive session the decision was made to take five hundred to eight hundred feet of the Gillespie land by eminent domain. Eminent domain by definition is: The power to take private property for public use by a state municipality, or private person or corporation authorized to exercise functions of public character following the payment of just compensation to the owner of that property.

In regular business January 5, 2012 special meeting minutes, minutes of previous meeting of February 9, 2012, financial report for payment of current expenses, repair invoices and the purchase of an additional pump were all approved unanimously.