Regular Avalon Water and Sewer Service Meeting for January 2012

The Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corporation (AWSSC) met Thursday evening for their regular scheduled meeting. Topics for discussion were on purchasing the Gillespie land and discussion on the KSA Engineering contract.

Carol Gillespie stood up and told the board that the eleven acres of her land that is up for sale would be enough for the one hundred and fifty foot variances and also stated that she will not sell the last twenty five acres of their land which is specified as cultivated. The board discussed that they need to get an appraisal of her land, hire a surveyor and asked Gillespie if she would pay for half of the surveyor cost and she replied no, that she didn’t even really want to sell her land. When the board asked if Gillespie could give them an idea of what she is asking for her land she said her lawyer said that she could not tell them that, that they would have to give her an offer. The board decided to table purchasing her land until they had time to meet with a surveyor and get an appraisal.

Dean Carrell (consultant for AWSSC) updated the board on news he had on the sewer plant. He explained that KSA Engineering is in favor of using the plant they now have providing they implement some upgrades and the numbers continue to be good. Then they will put the improvements and the numbers before the TCEQ for their approval to use the old plant. Carrell explained that along with the KSA Engineering contract there was also a task order that KSA Engineering needed to be signed. With a unanimous vote the board signed both the task order and the contract.

Patsy Russell (board president) told the board they needed to start looking for someone to take John Goodwyn’s position as vice-president, since they cannot talk John into staying on the board.

The January 5th 2012 special meeting minutes, December 8th 2011 meeting minutes and approval of the financial report were all accepted with a unanimous vote.