Love in Action

Image: Sierra Brown (Camisha’s cousin), Dylan Monk (Camisha’s son) and Teresa Brown (Camisha’s sister) were ready for the program to get started.

Sierra Brown (Camisha’s cousin), Dylan Monk (Camisha’s son) and Teresa Brown (Camisha’s sister) were ready for the program to get started. (Cindy Sutherland)

October 9th 2011, Camisha Monk was headed to Dallas when her car hydroplaned. Once it hydroplaned the car flipped three times and she landed upside down in her car and injured her spine. Her eleven year old son Dylan Monk was in the car with his mother and did not sustain any injuries.

His ability to be able to think clearly in a crisis saved his mother’s life. Dylan was able to cut Camisha out of her seat belt and kick out a window. He then got to the side of the freeway and flagged down some help.

Saturday December 10th a benefit gospel concert was held in the cafeteria of Stafford Elementary to raise money for Camisha and her son. Many friends and family members and church members from surrounding churches came out in support.

Master of Ceremonies, Minister Johnny Johnson headed up the program and did a wonderful job. Lots of praise and worship went on that night along with lots of singing by Eric Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Teresa Brown, Miles Oliver, James Johnson and Tweety Thomas.

Italy police officers presented Dylan with a Life Saving Award along with a big Christmas present. Dylan’s smile lit up the whole place! The officers praised Dylan for being able to respond responsibly in a crisis and told him he saved his mother’s life.

When asked how Camisha was doing, Teresa Brown (Camisha’s sister) replied, “She has made some wonderful progress, more than the doctors thought possible. In the beginning the doctors thought she would be paralyzed from the neck down. Now that she is in rehab she is moving things that they are saying is not possible with her type of injuries. She can now breath on her own, she is able to move her hands, sit up and have a conversation with everyone. Right now she is paralyzed from the waist down but her attitude is one of hope and she is positive and believes she will walk again.”

The fundraiser was a success. That evening they raised over $1,000.00 for Camisha and her son.