Avalon Water Corp terminates sewer contract

The Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corporation met in a special meeting Thursday night to discuss their current engineering contract and to approve money to make necessary repairs to get the sewer system functioning properly.

John Goodwyn, vice president, told members the group needed to terminate their sewer contract with Childress Engineering in order to get other engineering firms to provide alternative options for the sewer plant project.

The corporation received a letter in October outlining four sewer violations in excess of $68,000.

The violations concern the quality of material coming out of the plant; the lack of audio and visual alarms at the pump station on the east side of town; a wall crack on the inner racetrack (oxidation ditch); and no engineering action study.

Dean Carroll, consultant, suggested they contact KSA Engineering firm to discuss more affordable options to get the system in compliance with the state.

Carroll also sought expenditures, up to $3,000, to purchase two pumps, enzymes and wiring to get the current system operating. He said they also need switches for the pump but would have those costs at the next meeting. Carroll said he could install the pumps.

He said the pumps needed to last a year to year-and-a-half or until the sewer plant project is completed. He said the pumps could be moved and used elsewhere at that time.

Carroll said they need to start applying for grants noting that there are two types of grant money available. He said grant writers don’t get a dime of money unless they actually get the grant. He said he
would start looking for a group to discuss options with them.

Both items were approved unanimously by board members.

The group will meet again Thursday, Dec. 8.