Avalon Water and Sewer still deciding on plan of action

The Avalon Water and Sewer Service Corporation met to discuss the status of a program to increase sewer plant capacity. Scott Hoelzle of KSA Engineers was scheduled to give a presentation of a possible enlarged plant but was unable to make the meeting.

The board discussed whether to hire Dean Carrell as an employee or contract his work. They decided to look at different kinds of contracts and decide on which one would work for them. They decided to table the decision on Carrell until after they decided on a contract that would be agreeable to both parties.

While discussing Carrell’s duties, John Goodwyn kept referring to Carrells job as running the plant. Carrell said, “My job would be more than just running the plant. I would be in charge of making sure the plant was running properly, that the lab work is done and making sure the reports of the lab work went to the board, checking pumps and controls, making sure sledge reports are done and given to the board.”

The board agreed there would be a monthly payment to Carrell if hired and monies would be funded as needed on maintenance. If hired, emails were suggested as a form of communication between the board and Dean Carrell.

Members of the the corporation that were present were: Patsy Russell (president), Denise Wimbish, Robin Donaldson, John Goodwyn, Harrison Romero, Manuel Rodriguez and Santos Munguia.