Milford ISD Veterans Celebration

Image: Posting of the Colors by Jairus Russell and Jacobe Essary.

Posting of the Colors by Jairus Russell and Jacobe Essary. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday morning as you walked into the gymnasium of Milford ISD you heard instruments warming up and saw excited young students wearing hats ready to perform their songs for everyone there. You also saw veterans and supportive parents and friends ready to join in the celebration on Veterans Day.

Jacobe Essary and Jairus Russel (students) performed the Posting of the Colors to get the celebration off to a good start. There was a hush in the gymnasium as everyone showed their respect for the flags and what they stand for.

Brittany Goss (student) lead the Pledge Of Allegiance and while the audience was standing, The National Anthem was played by Milford ISD’s Jr High and High School bands followed by the Star Spangled Banner.

Russell Clingenpeel (band president) addressed the audience, “Milford ISD is proud to honor our veterans and those currently serving our country. The sacrifices made by you and your families are immeasurable and unforgettable. It is with great admiration and respect that we, the students, faculty and community show our appreciation and utmost respect to you on this honored day.”

Rachel Strange (student) was up next. She welcomed everyone and presented the President of the United State’s Veterans Day Proclamation.

Milford High School freshman, K’Breona Davis read, Celebrating America’s Veterans and Caitlin Tucker (student) gave a speech on ‘Remembering our Veterans’.

And we cannot forget the young students! The pre-k sang America, kindergarten and first grade sang When the Flag Goes By, second and third grade sang America My Homeland and This is America was sung by the fourth and fifth grade. These young students performed with lots of pride and gusto.

Alton Chambers (English & Business teacher) invited veterans and individuals with family members who had served in our nation’s military to stand during the song for their branch of service. Plenty of cheering and hand clamping was heard as everyone showed their gratitude and respect.

Jaquay Brown (Navy Sea Cadet) played a heart felt Taps for everyone. As you can imagine, it sent goose bumps down your arms.

The program ended with the Milford High School band performing America the Beautiful followed by the Retiring of the Colors.

Mike Trussel (band director) said, “This is a very special day to honor the veterans for all they have done for us and the sacrifices they have made so we can have freedom. Many of them paid a very high price for us and it is with heartfelt thanks that we presented our program today.”