Senior Saints honored at Mt. Zion

Image: Lets all praise the Lord!

Lets all praise the Lord! (Cindy Sutherland)

Thursday at noon things were hopping at Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church. There was all kinds of singing and praising the Lord in honor of the “senior saints”. Special guest speakers Pastor Dixon from Mt. Gilead Missionary Baptist Church and Pastor Todd Gray from Tabernacle Baptist Church were there to make it a real celebration.

The theme of the day – you are never too old to love, worship and serve the Lord. Boy, ain’t that the truth! The senior saints could be seen singing and praising the Lord with lots of gusto.

Senior Saint day has been a tradition at Mt. Zion for some time and it is to thank the seniors for all their hard work and service in the church and the community.

Pastor Gray preached the message and boy did he do a great job. His sermon was on – Freedom is not free. He told how freedom cost Jesus Christ his own blood. He also said that Christ should be number one in your life. He told the seniors that retirement is not in the Bible. That God still wants your service, your love and always wants you to walk with Jesus.

The music and singing was so wonderful and uplifting. You couldn’t possibly leave the church without a song in your heart and a smile on your face.

After the service everyone was invited to eat lunch which consisted of BBQ beef, fried chicken, beans, salad, sweet potato pie and lots and lots of cake. The aroma in the kitchen was out of this world.

Plus the seniors were also honored with many, many gifts to show them their appreciation. A wonderful day of celebration for the senior saints.

Pastor Todd Gray said, “I was happy to come and join in the celebration of the seniors. They are a blessing to the church and the community.”

Pastor Dixon said, “What a blessing we had today. Everyone coming together to celebrate the seniors of the community and you could feel the manifestation of the presence of the Lord. It was a multi-cultural service and everyone was blessed.”