Band ends impressive season at Area contest

Image: The fun and games are over—it is all business now.

The fun and games are over—it is all business now.

The Italy High School Gladiator Regiment Band put on an impressive performance Saturday at the Class 2A Area D Marching Contest held in Belton. It was their best performance to date but not good enough for one particular judge who caused their otherwise, good scores, to drop to 12th place out of 24 bands.

The top 10 bands advance to final competition with the top four qualifying for state competition in San Antonio Nov. 7-8.

Jesus Perez, band director, said he was surprised that the band did not make it into the top 10. He said, “The band really stepped it up for this performance. I’ve never had that feeling before, watching the kids perform and march off the field without any major issues or problems that would hurt us in the outcome.”

He said there were also some other fine bands there that worked just as hard or harder.

Perez added, “Getting that close to the top 10 is a pretty big accomplishment considering that we placed higher than bands that have been to state in recent history.”

The band’s routine focused on red. The first song they performed was entitled, Planetary Motion: Mars followed by Moscow 1941. The concluded their performance with Malaguena.

Perez said the judges had many positive comments about the band’s performance.

Judges thought the bullfighting scene was fun and entertaining. 

The band added a bullfighting scene during their performance of Malaguena. Kaytlyn Bales and Katelyn Smith get in the center of the “ring of students” The bull (Bales) charges the bullfighter (Smith) who eventually wins the fight as the band ends the song with a rousing “ole.”

One judge praised the drill design the band does as they perform Moscow 1941

Perez said, “One music judge thought the band had some really nice sounds at the impact points of the show. Another music judge thought that most of the time, our balance, especially in low brass, was beautiful.”

He continued, “Two of the music judges said they would liked to have heard more dynamic contract from the band to make the band’s presentation more musical. Another judge said the band lacked energy, especially at the end.”

Music judges for the competition were Leland Sharrock of San Antonio, Scott Hartsfield of Port Isabel and Randy Jones of North Lamar. Marching judges were Brandon Brewer of Princeton and John Young of Wills Point.

The 10 high school bands that advanced to finals were C.H. Yoe-Cameron, Eastland, Clifton, Thorndale, Early, Dublin, Wall, Hico, Rosebud Lott and Ballinger. The four bands advancing to state marching contest are C.H. Yoe- Cameron, Eastland, Clifton and Thorndale.

The Gladiator Band captured a Division I ranking at the University Interscholastic League Region 8 Marching Contest in LaVega earlier in the month. This ranking allowed them to advance to area competition.