Italy Gladiator Regiment Band’s performance schedule at Saturday’s Area contest

As part of the Gladiator Regiment Band’s 1st division rating at last week’s UIL marching contest, the band has advanced to the area marching contest Saturday, October 29 in Belton.  This is something that High School bands are only eligible to accomplish every other year.  Saturday’s performance schedule is below.

The contest will be held at Belton high school and consist of 24 class 2A bands that advanced from regions 7,8, 18, 27, and 28.  Italy’s performance time is at 2:45 and the last band will perform it’s preliminary performance at 5:45.  

At 6:15, the 10 finalists will be announced.  These 10 finalists will compete again beginning at 7:30pm. 

School Time
Eastland HS 11:00am
McGregor HS 11:15am
Sonora HS 11:30am
Rogers HS 11:45am
Brady HS 12:00noon
Rosebud-Lott HS 12:15pm
Schulenburg HS 12:30pm
Thorndale HS 12:45pm
Lunch Break
Ballinger HS 1:45pm
Centerville HS 2:00pm
Dublin HS 2:15pm
Italy HS 2:30pm
Junction HS 2:45pm
Cameron-Yoe HS 3:00pm
Wall HS 3:15pm
Troy HS 3:30pm
Judges’ Break  
Hempstead HS 4:00pm
Bangs HS 4:15pm
Teague HS 4:30pm
Early HS 4:45pm
Halletsville HS 5:00pm
Jarrell HS 5:15pm
Hico HS 5:30pm
Clifton HS 5:45pm
Finalists Announced
Finals begin at 7:30pm