Italy High School CB&I class visits Trinity Mission

Image: Everyone off the bus to have some fun with the residents at Trinity Mission.

Everyone off the bus to have some fun with the residents at Trinity Mission. (Cindy Sutherland)

Teresa Young, the CB&I teacher for Italy High School, is really enjoying her job. Last year she was the CB&I teacher for Stafford Elementary. With her new position at the high school, teaching life skills is a big part of her job. Every Friday Mrs.Young and her class go around the community and do volunteer work. This Friday they were at Trinity Mission.

The residents were thrilled to have them there. The students visited and helped them do whatever they needed them to do such as pour them a glass of water or just give them a big hug.

Teresa Young (CB&I teacher) said, “We are visiting the residents at Trinity Mission and we are going to help them with anything they might need. We are all going to go around and take turns helping them.”

Young went on to say, "Every Friday we go out into the community and do volunteer work. We really work hard on life skills and getting out in the community and helping others is a big part of that. When a resident in the community needs us to come and help them with something that is what we want to do.

Another way to work on life skills is to go shopping. So we go to David’s and buy supplies the students need for projects. We like to tour work places that would help them grow in their community service."

If you would like to have Teresa Young and her CB&I class tour your work facility or if you know someone that could use volunteers you can contact Teresa at the Italy High School. The number is 972-483-7411.

It was another great day at Trinity Mission thanks to the Italy ISD’s CB&I class.