Sheriff Brown encourages safe holiday activities

With public safety as the primary concern, Ellis County Sheriff Johnny Brown is encouraging everyone to be extra cautious and to participate in safe activities during the holiday weekend.

“It seems every holiday weekend we get calls of injuries from 4 wheelers, watercraft, DWI’s, etc.  We really want the people to be mindful of what is going on around them and to have a safe enjoyable Labor Day weekend.”

“We will have our boat out on Lake Bardwell watching for folks in need of help.  Our units on the roads will be looking for people with their vehicles broken down and in need of help.”

“As with most holiday weekends; DWI’s are always a factor.  A while back we received a grant from Tex DOT to assist in DWI enforcement and Labor Day is one of their targeted weekends.  We really hope people will watch about drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a vehicle or boat.”

“Records from 2009 indicate 1,437 lives were lost in Texas alone and alcohol was cited as the primary cause.  That is 47 percent of all traffic fatalities.  Multiply this times the family and friends of victims of alcohol related deaths and injuries and the numbers of lives affected becomes astronomical.”

“We really want folks to enjoy their weekend with family and friends.  We don’t want them to be caught up in a criminal violation that will ruin everybody’s weekend.  DWI is a crime and offenses range from a Class B misdemeanor to felony grade.”

“Everyone go out and have a safe, enjoyable time.  But please do not become a victim.  If you need us, call us.  Our dispatch number is 972-937-6060.”