Wedding of the Century

Image: Megann Lewis of Italy and Andrew Harlow of Prosper wed May 21, 2001.

Megann Lewis of Italy and Andrew Harlow of Prosper wed May 21, 2001. (Marie Q Photography)

Megann Lewis and Andrew Harlow were married on Saturday, May 21, 2011.  It was a sight to behold and the crowd went away with song in their heart and happy memories of a beautiful wedding.

Princess Diana and Princess Catherine have nothing on this gathering. This beautiful wedding was held at the bride’s home south of Italy.  Russ and Kelly Lewis are the parents of the bride.  

No detail was left undone. From the homemade quilts along the fence line to the baby lambs that made an entrance with the ring bearer and flower girls, this wedding was top billing. The groom, Andrew Harlow of Prosper, Texas, was accompanied by his parents, Russell and Trina Harlow.

Driving onto the property beside the candle and flower decorated fence line, attendants were available to help you park and a golf cart was quickly at your side to bring you promptly to the house. Guests strolled around on the manicured lawn until the ushers seated you. Even Xena, the bride’s dog, was decked out with a turquoise ribbon.

Megann had 8 attendants which were family and close friends that included players from past softball teams. Andrew was attended by his family and close friends. Some of which were football players from his past teams. Andrew was a defensive end on the HSU football team and Megann was a pitcher for the HSU Cowgirls. So, the match was made in sports heaven.

In place of a guest book, a canvas was offered to the guests as they entered the courtyard. The guests dipped their thumbs in green ink and stamped their thumb prints on a drawn tree trunk, signing the guest’s name upon their print which created leaves. A guest tree was formed throughout the night and a piece of art created to hang on the newlyweds’ wall.

The ceremony was held in the Lewis’ backyard facing fields of sorghum hay growing in the distance. Baby lambs were held at bay in the barn but yet you could hear the lowing all through the nuptials. White chairs lined the trimmed yard, each with a long stem sunflower attached to it, which was also part of Megann’s bouquet. A small bridge was built by the fence line where the couple climbed from separate sides and the pastor married them in the middle.

The bridesmaids wore turquoise spring dresses and the groomsmen donned brown sports coats, jeans and boots. Megann wore a beautiful candlelight colored satin dress with her hair hanging down in a delicate braid, slightly covered with a long tulle vale. The crowd came to their feet as she entered to guitar serenaded You Are My Sunshine, a song that her late grandmother sang to her when she was little.

After the ceremony, the crowd was invited to be seated in the nearby tent where the catered food (chicken and steak shish-kabobs, fresh fruit and dipping veggies) was ready for all to enjoy. In the center of the tent was a table of yellow and brown frosted cupcakes patterned in the shape of a sunflower. A non-alcoholic fruit slush, iced tea and water were offered as well.

The wedding cake represented the personalities of the couple. Two cakes held together by a bridge with softballs and footballs that reminded you of their favorite pastimes. The statue on the cake was a groom carrying the bride on his back with a football tightly tucked under his arm and running for the goal line. Excellent!

In every corner of the tent framed pictures of the couple as children, teenagers and together could be seen.

The Lewis’ back deck was transformed into a dance floor where the couple had their first dance and the party began. All kinds of line dancing and two stepping was enjoyed by both dancers and spectators alike. A photo booth was also available to help capture the memories of the evening’s fun.

The couple left in their unmarked car as the crowd lined the driveway with fiery sparklers and lights filled the evening sky. The couple honeymooned in Costa Rica.

The couple will live in Abilene were Megann will complete her Masters degree next May and Andrew will graduate with his bachelors in Education then as well. Both are attending Hardin Simmons University.