Shelley Nance remembered through her art

Image: Interpretive Art  — Shelly’s art.

Interpretive Art — Shelly’s art. (Cindy Sutherland)

Saturday, May 7th the Ellis County Art Museum was honoring Shelley Nance’s memory by having an art show of her artwork. The place was over flowing with people viewing her wonderful artwork. People came and went all evening until 8:00 pm.

Cynthia Nance (Shelley’s Mom) explained,“We are having an exhibit of my daughter’s art. It is strictly for the community to see what a talent she was and what we have lost. We do have a donations jar and the donations from this evening would help but we do have the funds already for this years scholarship. We will continue to raise funds because we want this scholarship to go on for ten years at least. After the ten years is up we will sign up for another ten years and then another ten years. We want to make this a permanent thing at Italy High School so that an art student will get a scholarship to study art.”

This scholarship will go to a senior art student at Italy High School that is going to be pursuing art for their future. To be a candidate for this scholarship the students must turn in a sample of their artwork, explain what they are wanting to do with their life through art and what kind of mediums they are using. Mrs. Nance explained, “We are looking at charcoal, painting, digital art, if they want to do multi media for animation, which is what Shelley was doing is also acceptable. Even if they want to go into art history, anything to do with the field of art is what we are looking for.”

Shelley’s art was everywhere in the museum. Every piece of her artwork had a butterfly on it. It was explained to me that the reason for this was because Shelley loved butterflies and angels. Even her alias name for her artwork was Butterfly Flutter 727.

The turnout was fabulous and the memory of Shelley will go on forever in her artwork.