EDC moves closer to demolition project

The Italy Economic Development Corporation moved one-step closer to demolition of the former community center and adjoining building following a meeting Thursday evening.

Larry Snodgrass, of ERI Consulting of Tyler, addressed the group for about two hours concerning various contract proposals. ERI is a subcontractor of Gary Burton Engineers.

Snodgrass discussed various alternatives with IEDC members, which included what to do with the brick, saving and reusing historical items, recycling metal, road closures, etc.

The brick around the current building is Corsicana Red Brick, which is a common brick. He said they could clean bricks at a cost of 50 to 75 cents per brick or they could store the bricks loosely near the old armory building behind the downtown area. They could use the bricks ornamentally or in various other projects.

Snodgrass said he checked with the state to make sure the buildings were not on the historical register. They are not.

He said the compost items are to be disposed of in a landfill; he added that Italy is fortunate the landfill in Avalon is so close. He said disposal costs rise the further you are from the landfill.

Another option dealt with repairing the wood and awnings at the front of the building. He said local contractors could put up new posts and end caps.

They decided to leave the slab in place until construction begins on the new facility.

Snodgrass suggested closing Harpold Street, allowing egress from the bank across the street while the demolition is underway. That could take three to four weeks.

Once the demolition is complete, Snodgrass said they would waterproof the common wall at 112 E. Main.

The members voted to proceed with asking Oncor to move electrical lines and AT&T to move phone lines in order for demolition to proceed.

Mark Stiles, president, said they wanted as much local participation as possible to work on the project.

Mark Souder Sr., member, said most subcontractors can work under a demolition contractor’s bond.

Stiles briefly discussed the pros and cons of hiring a local project manger.

Ed Voss, city attorney, said this is normal and that person is the eyes and ears for the city.

Stiles said Don Chambers would be a good project manager due to his background with building construction and inspections.

The IEDC tentatively set a public hearing for Thursday, May 19, to discuss building design and costs. They will also review bids for demolition and possibly award contracts.