Pastor Todd Gray to Present “The Cross"


Todd Gray, Pastor of Central Baptist Church, will present “The Cross" on Easter Sunday at 10:45 a.m. The church is located at 113 S. Ward Street in Italy.

For the second year, Gray will portray a first century Jewish carpenter that has been hired by the Roman government to build the Cross for Christ.

“Ten years ago I attended Promise Keepers and Joe White built a cross,” said Pastor Gray. “I remember the impact the presentation had on me, so I began to try to develop a way to bring the message of the cross to others.”

Last year he was introduced to John Meador, Pastor of First Baptist Euless. Meador helped him find the wood and helped him with the logistics of building a large, heavy cross.

“I felt it could be difficult for people to relate to Jesus in His sacrifice and suffering on the cross, so I wanted to find a character that people could relate to today. That is when I started character development for the Jewish carpenter.”

Gray developed a character that lived during the time of Jesus’ three year ministry, someone that had seen Jesus walk and talk. The carpenter shares his struggles with Jesus being the Messiah and yet having to die … “why Him, why me and why now.”

“I hope that sharing athe message of the Cross through a Jewish carpenter will impact the lives of people face to face. Watching an axe swung and wood fly seems to transport people back 2000 years. The true meaning of Easter is not bunnies, eggs and candy; it is about God in the flesh coming to the earth to live a life we could not live, paying the price for sin that we could not afford and rising from the dead, a thing we could not do. This message presents hope… hope in suffering and hope for eternity.”

“The Cross” will be presented on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011 at 10:45 a.m. at Central Baptist Church, 113 S. Ward Street in Italy. For more information, call 972-483-7474.