EDC hears proposed demolition schedule

The Italy EDC’s March meeting began with the roll call. Mark Stiles, Randy Boyd, Tom Little, Darrell Rosemond, Elmerine Bell, and Joyce Hobbs were all present. Mark Souder, Sr. was absent.

Minutes were approved; bills and all other checks received since the last meeting were also approved.

The financial report was not approved, however, there were some errors due to computer problems. The report will be reviewed at the next meeting with corrections.

Daryl Ratcliff, CEO of Green Bandana Group spoke about how some corporations were giving out grants. He will be checking into some of them and come up with five different grants that we may be qualified for.

Gary Burton with Gary Burton Engineers discussed the proposed schedule of events for the demolition project of the community center.

Proposed demolition schedule:

2/21 — GBEI commissioned by City of Italy (COI) EDC, took place
3/14 — Walk project with Oncor, took place
3/31 — EDC review of bid package
4/2 — Plans & Specifications complete
4/2 & 4/9 — COI advertise in paper
4/19 — Pre-bid conference with bidders
4/28 — Bid received
5/2 — Recommendations/budget/time line submitted to COI
5/9 — Approval of project by COI City Council
5/10 — ERI files notifications with TDSHS
5/16 — Contracts w/ COI and Contractor executed
5/20 — Easement with 112 E Main acquired
5/23 — Utilities relocated
5/23 — Pre-construction conference
5/23 — Contractor mobilized on site
5/24 — Demolition begins
6/24 — Demolition ends

Burton explained that they will be putting up two kinds of fencing – temporary and permanent.

The temporary fencing will be put up behind the fire station and the permanent fence will run down the side of the bank.

He went on to say that during the demolition some of the street lights may be affected for two months and we might possibly loose a street light.

The meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.