No More Vouchers Available for March, 2011 Clean-Up Event!!

There are no more vouchers available for our March, 2011 Clean-Up Event. We appreciate the tremendous response from the community, and look forward to offering this or similar events in the future.

Remember, you always have the option of going to any of the landfills in the county to dispose of your trash, yard debris, etc. (anything “non-toxic”). There is, of course, a fee for this service – but is certainly an option for you to legally and responsibly dispose of unwanted materials.

The three major landfills in the county are:

  • ECD Landfill – on IH-45 between Ennis and Palmer – 972-875-5374
  • CSC Landfill – in Avalon on Hwy 34 east of Italy – 972-627-3413
  • Waste Management Skyline RDF – in Ferris – 972-842-5710

Please call them directly for their hours of operation, fees, etc.
(*Note …Waxahachie Landfill is for City of Waxahachie residents only!)

If you have any other questions about disposal or recycling options, please call the Ellis County Fire Marshal’s Office at 972-825-5555.