Stafford Elementary’s third six weeks P.A.W.S. assembly

Image: All A’s and B’s — These students received all A’s and B’s.

All A’s and B’s — These students received all A’s and B’s. (Cindy Sutherland)

The third six weeks P.A.W.S. assembly was quite a show. More and more students were receiving more and more “tiger” awards. The students were excited and growing with anticipation as each name was called hoping to hear their name called soon.

Of course we all now know that P.A.W.S. stands for “Positive Academics of Winning Students.” And boy there were many, many winners this six weeks. Also we know that the letters in tiger stand for:

T – Think
I – I am one person that can make a positive difference an I treat others with respect at all times.
G – Goal – Goals are attainable, make goals that are reachable
E – Education, because education is very important
R – Rules and Responsibility

With all the awards being given out, you know that the students are paying attention to what the “Tiger Awards” stands for.

The awards the students earned are:

  • Outstanding Tiger – This award goes to two students in each grade level based on quality of work in academics and on behavior.
  • Academic Tiger – This award goes to the student in each grade level with the most improved academics.
  • Tiger Readership Award – This award goes to the student in each grade level with the most reading points.

The winners of “Tiger” awards are:

First Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Sadie Hinz and Chase Hyles
  • Academic Tiger – Kaitlyn Wims
  • Tiger Readership – Hayden Ivie
  • Triple A – Omar DeLaHoya, Emily DeLaHoya, Taliyah Eell, Brodie Hugghins and Darrin Jackson

Second Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Gage Wafer and Grant Hamby
  • Academic Tiger – Kort Holley
  • Tiger Readership – Destiny Harris
  • Triple A – Oralia Cortez, Grant Hamby, Gaby Macedo, Katie South, Kort Holley, Creighton Hyles and Gage Wafer

Third Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Grace Payne and Rose Kennimer
  • Academic Tiger – Shaniaya Johnson
  • Tiger Readership – Lacy Mott
  • Triple A – Hannah Coffman, Rose Kennimer, Hannah Carr, Kimberly Hooker Madelyn Chambers and Wyatt Ballard

Fourth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Mikey South and Madison Galvin
  • Academic Tiger – Karla Perez
  • Tiger Readership – Adam Powell
  • Triple A – Taylor Boyd, Aaron Franco, Karson Holley, Savannah Lewis and Lana Beets

Fifth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Ashley Tatum and Colton Allen
  • Academic Tiger – T’Keyah Pace
  • Tiger Readership – Colton Allen
  • Triple A – Garrett Janek, Hunter Morgan, Brycelen Richards, Ashley Tatum, Matthew Wilsford and Christopher Munoz

Sixth Grade

  • Outstanding Tiger – Jacob Brooks and Vanessa Cantu
  • Academic Tiger – Tristan Upton
  • Tiger Readership – Jacob Brooks
  • Triple A – Sarah Levy and Vanessa Cantu

Congratulations Stafford Elementary students on a job well done.