100th day of school celebration

Image: Watching the slide show — The students enjoyed their 100 numbers slide show.

Watching the slide show — The students enjoyed their 100 numbers slide show. (Cindy Sutherland)

Monday was the one-hundredth day of school for the students at Stafford Elementary. To celebrate this event the pre-k, kindergarten and first grade classes came together and enjoyed some activities using the number one-hundred.

They started out in the morning with counting, writing and coloring activities in their individual classrooms. They even made a “100th Day” quilt.

The teachers worked very hard to create a great 100th day celebration for the students. First, on a big wall in the cafeteria was a slide show. This slide show was very unique because it was comprised of the students pictures. The students had an assignment the week before to color and decorate a number that was just their number. These numbers were very artfully created with crayons, glitter, cereal and even some pebbles.

Their pictures had been taken with the number they decorated and were then put on the slideshow with Sesame Street music playing in the background. As each student’s picture flashed on the screen the students yelled out the number and the name of the student very enthusiastically.

The next fun activity to really make this celebration “pop”, was the popping of one hundred balloons. The teachers gave each student a balloon. and everywhere you looked you saw lots balloons and smiles.. Each student was told to pop their balloon. They were sitting on them, they were stomping on them until all the balloons were popped.

The last activity was the perfect ending to a perfect day of celebration – the lighting of the one hundred candles on the one hundred cupcakes. The students eyes were bright with anticipation as the candles were lit, blown out and handed to each student.

What a fun day of learning at Stafford Elementary. Thank you teachers for your hard work and making this day so special for the students!