Peri Patterson – Teacher with Heart

Image: Peri Patterson — Peri Patterson is well respected by her peers. To prove it she was awarded the “Teacher with Heart” award.

Peri Patterson — Peri Patterson is well respected by her peers. To prove it she was awarded the “Teacher with Heart” award. (Cindy Sutherland)

Peri Patterson has been teaching for about thirty years. She loves what she does and loves to help teach and nurture as many students as she can. She has been teaching at Stafford Elementary for approximately twenty five years, she has taught kindergarten and now teaches third grade and just loves Stafford Elementary. She was chosen for the “Teacher with Heart” award for the second six weeks of school.

Tammy Wallis (principal) explained, " Our “Teacher with Heart Award” is a way to recognize employees who display the qualities of character that define an outstanding teacher and is chosen by the teachers. A teacher with a heart for students inspires and creates a desire in others to learn. Quality education delivered in a nurturing and caring environment, free from hostility and sarcasm is the driving force behind the success of a ‘teacher with heart’. Good teaching can not be reduced to technique. Good teaching comes from the identity and integrity of the teacher and this teacher possesses the courage to teach."

Peri attended Navarro College and then received her teaching degree from Stephen F Austin. Her first teaching assignment was teaching the sixth grade in East Texas. Since then she has taught special education, kindergarten and third grade.

When asked if she always wanted to teach, Patterson said, “I never thought of doing anything else. My granny got me into teaching when I was still in Junior High School. She taught Sunday school and she started having me help her and that is where I got the bug to teach. As a senior in high school I worked in a daycare center everyday after school teaching three year olds. Teaching is all I ever thought about doing. I enjoy it and I seem to be able to do it.”

Peri was surprised when she was awarded the “Teacher with Heart” award and said, “Someone thinks that I think a little more than just ordinary. I am very honored to be honored for doing something that I love.”

When asked how she felt about teaching at Stafford Elementary Patterson said, “Stafford Elementary feels like home to me. I have invested a lot of time in the school and in the students. I feel very protective of the school and students because I have been here for so long that I feel like the students and the school are mine too.”

Those that nominated Peri said, “She is a very dedicated teacher who is always there for our students. She is always interacting with her students and has a unique way of explaining directions and concepts so that the students remember. She incorporates a lot of cooperative small group work and she promotes higher level thinking skills. She devotes a lot of extra time and her own money to make learning fun for her students. She is even-keeled, patient beyond comprehension and sweet to all the kids. Peri is a professional and limits her conversation to professional opinions.”

Congratulation Peri Patterson!