“How bout them Tigers?”

Image: Honored Students — Congratulations Stafford’s Tiger of the Month!

Honored Students — Congratulations Stafford’s Tiger of the Month! (Cindy Sutherland)

What better way to encourage students to strive harder than giving them incentives such as “Tiger of the Month?” Who doesn’t want to go down the hall and see their picture up on the wall letting everyone know, “job well done?”. Well, that is what is happening at Stafford Elementary.

Every month a student is chosen from each grade (pre-k thru 6th) by their teachers. Theses students exhibit characteristics such as: consideration, dependability, respectfulness, responsibility, diligency, and trustworthiness.

For the month of November the “Tigers of the Month” were:

Kinley Cate – Pre-k
Jacob Coers – Kindergarten
Chase Hyles – First grade
Noah Johnson – Second grade
Hunter Hinz – Third grade
Karley Nelson – Fourth grade
Brycelen Richards – Fifth grade
Kimberly Mata – Sixth grade

When the students were asked why they were chosen as Tiger of the Month, they all were in agreement it was because they followed directions, they never left anyone out and they were dependable.

Good Job Stafford Tigers!