The Morris Brothers visit Stafford Elementary

Image: Homer and Rupert Morris — “School is cool” says the Morris Brothers.

Homer and Rupert Morris — “School is cool” says the Morris Brothers. (Cindy Sutherland)

The Morris Brothers (Homer and Rupert) are nerds. They wear plaid pants, suspenders, have pocket protectors, taped glasses and their hair stands straight up.

These charismatic brothers may look like two nerds, but they don’t believe they are nerds. After an explosion in their underground tree house laboratory, they were suddenly turned into social superheroes on a mission to help children learn that it is not what you look like, but how you feel about yourself that is important. They want kids to be confident in themselves and their abilities. They do this by teaching kids to strive for high ideals, have high self esteem, how to handle bullies, peer pressure and how to say no to drugs by hilariously funny routines and antics.

Homer and Rupert (nickname rootbeer) were busy teaching Stafford students how to keep their school safe and bully free. They told them there were five rules they needed to learn and abide by.

The rules were :

  1. Report to someone of authority when you see someone being bullied.
  2. Include everyone all the time, don’t ever leave anyone out.
  3. Follow all the school rules.
  4. Stop and think before you act.
  5. Be prepared.

They had a skit where they had elementary student Lexy Delarosa play the part of a principal. Lexy had Homer and Rupert come up to her tattling or reporting about incidents on the playground and she had to decide if it was tattling or reporting. The students were having so much fun and learning very valuable lessons all at the same time.

The Morris Brothers had students up playing rock and roll music on guitars. They had others up dancing. The whole gymnasium was filled with laughter, smiles and fun.

Another fun day of learning at Stafford Elementary!