Bus evacuation drills at Stafford Elementary

Image: Stay seated at all times — Number one rule on the bus is to stay in your seat.

Stay seated at all times — Number one rule on the bus is to stay in your seat. (Cindy Sutherland)

In keeping with fire safety week, students at Stafford Elementary were also learning how to evacuate a bus in dangerous situations last week. School bus drivers had their busses lined up and were ready to share their important tips on how to evacuate the bus in an emergency.

Bobby McBride (school bus driver) was explaining where all the emergency exits were and what to do in case of an emergency. “There are seven exits on the bus and they all have a red handle. The way to open the exit door is to pull up on the red handle and push it out and the door will swing open.”

McBride showed the students where the fire extinguisher is at and told them you should never touch it or play with it, it is for emergencies only. He also showed them where the emergency parking break is. “If something should ever happen to the bus driver, pull the yellow handle, it is the parking break and when you pull it the bus will stop and not move. When we exit the bus we need to stay at least twenty feet away from the bus at all times.”

The students were told if the bus is on fire the bus driver will tell you what exit to use and how far away from the bus you should be. McBride explained, “Most of the time if the bus is on fire you want to be at least one hundred feet away from the bus.”

The students practiced an emergency exit out of the bus and did it very well.

Another great day of learning at Stafford Elementary.