Dallas man spends his 60th birthday in Italy

Image: Take A Bite — Shanna Miller is serving up the pizza with a smile!

Take A Bite — Shanna Miller is serving up the pizza with a smile! (Submitted)

Diane Gasparro wanted to give her husband Frank a special birthday this year since it would be his sixtieth. So, on October first she chartered a bus in Dallas, gathered up about forty five friends and family members and headed to Italy, Texas.

When the entourage arrived in town their first stop was at City Hall where they were greeted by representatives of the City of Italy and had pictures taken of the Italy water tower.

Frank Gasparro is the son of Mary and Frank Gasparro. Coming to Italy for Frank’s birthday was based on the fact that Mary and Frank (Frank’s parents) were first generation children of Italian immigrants to the United States. So, what better place to celebrate his birthday than Italy, Texas?

After they left City Hall they went to Pizza Inn and had some tasty pizza and a whole lot of fun.

The restaurant was filled to the gills with Frank’s friends and family.

Frank was born September 27th, 1950 in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois where he was a track star. Frank is an active Catholic and loves the Dallas Cowboys and the Chicago Bears. Frank is a proud American and loves to spend time with his family and friends.

Frank and Diane were really grateful to Mayor Jackson, the Italy police officers and the Pizza Inn staff for making the night unforgettable.

Frank said, " He was very happy to spend his birthday in Italy."