Prime Timers Luncheon with guest speaker Commissioner Heath Sims

Image: Commissioner of Precinct 3, Heath Sims, attends Luncheon — Ellis County Commissioner of Precinct 3, Heath Sims, talks with members of the community and explains the role of the Commissioners Court and future goals for Precinct 3 in particular.

Commissioner of Precinct 3, Heath Sims, attends Luncheon — Ellis County Commissioner of Precinct 3, Heath Sims, talks with members of the community and explains the role of the Commissioners Court and future goals for Precinct 3 in particular. (Barry Byers)

The monthly Prime Timers Luncheon held at the Central Baptist Church (CBC) in Italy, not only served up a great meal to guests, it also gave the community a chance to meet and enjoy a discussion with Ellis County Commissioner of Precinct 3, Heath Sims, who highlighted the current status of the county and gave insight into the everyday business of the Commissioners’ Court.

Commissioner Sims welcomed everyone to the event, thanked CBC members for hosting the Prime Timers Luncheon and especially thanked the ladies who worked so hard to serve such a wonderful meal. Commissioner Sims also took a moment to congratulate members of the Ellis County Precinct 3 crew who were in attendance for all their efforts. Commissioner Sims referred to the group as, “A great set of guys who respect the tax payers and their money.” Commissioner Sims credited Precinct 3 for having the least amount of turnover of the four precincts in Ellis County.

Commissioner Sims has been in office since 2005 and talked briefly about the daily going-ons of the Commissioners’ Court, his role as Commissioner and future goals the current administration is striving towards.

Those attending were encouraged to always help a neighbor in need and strive to solve differences through civilized discussions to help avoid total government control. “Keep the power with the people,” stated Commissioner Sims.

Commissioner Sims went on to share several situations the Commissioners’ Court is often asked to get involved with, including:

  • Barking Dogs
  • Falling Trees
  • Bridge construction and repair
  • Filling in pot holes and other road maintenance
  • Water quality and availability

Precinct 2 is responsible for the largest amount of roadways in Ellis County which totals 314 miles. Precinct 3 maintains the second largest amount of roadways with 272 total miles followed by Precinct 1 and Precinct 4, both of which maintain 170 miles.

The tax dollars, however, are not equally spread throughout all four precincts and Commissioner Sims hopes to resolve this issue in order to have a more fairly balanced budget to benefit the entire county.

Ellis County has a budget of 54 million dollars. Listed below are a few of county agencies and their budget allocations:

  • Sheriff’s office – 16.8 million dollar budget
  • Precinct 1 – 1.7 million dollar budget
  • Precint 2 – 1.9 million dollar budget
  • Precint 3 – 1.9 million dollar budget
  • Precinct 4 – 1.7 million dollar budget
  • Juvenile Department – 1.2 million dollar budget (New laws will require the Juvenile Department to receive more funding.)

In 2000, Ellis County was home to 110,000 citizens. Commissioner Sims expects the next census report to show the county has grown to almost 160,000 citizens since 2000. Other constant changes within the county, noted by Commissioner Sims, the economy, are ethics, morality and mentalities of the population.

With all these factors affecting day-to-day decisions made by the Commissioners Court, Commissioner Sims encourages everyone to stay informed and vote in city, county and state elections. “Know the issues before marking your ballots because an uninformed choice can do more harm than good. Involvement will ensure a bright future for our kids, grandkids and so forth,” added the Commissioner.

Commissioner Sims declared his good fortune in having the best Administrative Assistant in the state of Texas, Alysa Kirton. In a rare admission, Commissioner Sims stated, “Alysa would be the perfect County Commissioner and if she were to run in the election, I would vote for her. She has seen it all and dealt with every conceivable situation with courtesy and professionalism.” Those attending gave Kirton a nice applause for all that she has done for Ellis County over the years.

In conclusion, Commissioner Sims added, “We are all just good Texans trying to make a living and raise our families. Help your neighbor, be involved and vote responsibly.”

After the appearance by Commissioner Sims, a free drawing for a $20.00 gift certificate to David’s Supermarket was won by Marcia Rectenwald.

The CBCs Prime Timers Luncheons are the first Wednesday of each month and you are invited to enjoy a good meal while sharing the company of friends and neighbors.

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