Fire Prevention Week at Stafford Elementary

Image: Who Wants a Sticker? — Italy Fireman hands out badge stickers to all of the students.

Who Wants a Sticker? — Italy Fireman hands out badge stickers to all of the students. (Cindy Sutherland)

This week is fire prevention week for Stafford Elementary.On Monday the Italy Volunteer Fire Department brought over their beautiful fire truck for the students to see.

Fire Chief Don Chambers explained about smoke detectors and gave the students some safety tips. Chambers explained that everyone should have a fire escape plan so when there is a fire everyone knows where to go and meet to get out of the house safely.

Brad Chambers (volunteer fireman) put on the fire gear fireman wear when fighting a fire. It was explained to the students that they should not be afraid that the firemen are there to protect them and wear the gear to protect themselves from smoke and fire.

Chief Chambers showed the students everything on the fire engine and explained about air packs. He told them the air pack is what allows the firemen to breathe when they go into the smoke filled buildings. He also showed them a camera that can detect smoke and fire inside the walls of their homes.

Then the floor was turned over to the students to ask questions. Many questions were asked like “Where is the fire hose?” “How long does it take to put out a fire.” Garrett Everette wanted to know when they used the big axe that was on the fire engine and what it was for.

Captain Michael Chambers (Italy Fireman) said, " We are here today for Stafford Elementary Fire Prevention week. We are teaching the students about fire safety, showing them our fire gear and what a fireman looks like in it so they won’t be afraid of us in a fire. We are there to help them. We are explaining about all the equipment on the fire engine and how we use it to put out fires."

All of the students were given sticker badges making them firemen for a day. Lots of smiles and lots of fun at Stafford Elementary.