The Milford Bulldogs win Homecoming 52-6 over Walnut Springs

Image: It’s up and it’s good! — Ernest Lee Smith(11) holds while kicker Rolando Vega(2) boots thru a 2-point kick during the Milford Bulldogs’ 2010 Homecoming victory over the Walnut Springs Hornets, 52-6

It’s up and it’s good! — Ernest Lee Smith(11) holds while kicker Rolando Vega(2) boots thru a 2-point kick during the Milford Bulldogs’ 2010 Homecoming victory over the Walnut Springs Hornets, 52-6 (Barry Byers)

After falling in their season opener to Richland Springs, the No. 3 ranked in 6M DII Milford Bulldogs (5-1) have posted three consecutive shutouts and outscored the last four opponents 236-14. Milford’s latest victim, the No. 20 ranked in 6M DI Walnut Springs Hornets, were 4-1 coming into Friday nights game but are now 4-2 after Milford defeated the Hornets 52-6 to cap off a week long Homecoming celebration for the Bulldogs.

Following an afternoon parade and a pep rally at the city park to rally the Milford faithful, Milford’s fans enjoyed a pre-game routine by the youngest of their cheer squads, the Milford Pups, and then formed a line that stretched past midfield to welcome their ‘Dawgs’ into battle.

After the kickoff by Milford’s Rolando Vega, the Bulldogs defense forced the Hornets to punt on their first possession. After the punt by Walnut Springs, Milford started from their own 34-yard line and worked the ball to the 24-yard line of the Hornets. A pass intended for Ernest Lee Smith was intercepted in the endzone and the Hornets started from the 20-yard line after the touchback. Moments later, a long pass completion by the Hornets gave Walnut Springs a first down at the Bulldog 36 but the drive stalled and Milford’s offense began their second trek down the field.

The first quarter ended with Milford inside the Walnut Springs’ 20-yard line. With first and goal from the five, quarterback Dez Buckaloo follows a wall of blockers around the right side of the Hornets defense and into the endzone to put Milford up 6-0. The 2-point kick by Vega made the score 8-0 with 9:47 still to go in the second quarter.

A deep kickoff by Vega is returned out of the back of the endzone by the Hornets’ Austin Rose who is quickly tackled by Buckaloo at the 11-yard line. Milford’s defense, lead by 6’2", 370 lb. noseguard A.C. Singleton, push the Hornets back to their own 3-yard line after a sack that forces Walnut Springs to punt with their backs to the goal post.

Shortly therafter, Milford’s A.D. Hightower launches a pass into the endzone to a wide open Smith who collects the gift for a 25-yard touchdown completion to make the score 14-0 in Milford’s favor. The point after snap sailed over the holders head but Vega recovered the ball to keep the Hornets from taking advantage, 6:40 remains in the first half.

The Hornets take a knee after another long kickoff by Vega reaches the Walnut Springs endzone. An offensive holding penalty on Walnut Springs forces the Hornets to try to convert on fourth down. Pressure by Smith in the Hornets backfield causes an incomplete pass and the Bulldogs take over at the 32-yard line of Walnut Springs.

After a run by Buckaloo moves Milford into the red zone, a second touchdown pass from Hightower to Smith puts 6 more points on the board for Milford, 20-0 Bulldogs with 4:25 left before the break. Vega’s kick is good for 2-points, 22-0 Milford leads.

After the following drive by Walnut Springs stalls, Milford takes over at their own 25-yard line with 2:47 still to go. A 5-yard run by Jamaar Davis and a 19-yard run by Buckaloo sets up Smith’s third touchdown catch of the first half. A 39-yard reception from Davis, Milford goes up 28-0 with just over one minute showing on the first half clock. With Vega temporarily sidelined with an injury, Davis’s kick sails wide left.

The Hornets hold nothing back in the remaining seconds of the half and take a chance downfield. The courage almost proved costly as Milford’s Jairus Russell intercepts with 0:25 still to play in the half. Milford makes a push into Hornets territory but an offensive holding penalty keeps the Bulldogs from adding to their 28-0 halftime lead.

During halftime, the Milford High School Band performed, under the direction of Mike Trussell, and then the 2010 Sweetheart and Beau were announced with Rolando Vega and Brittany Goss receiving the honors. Also announced, were Milford’s 2010 Homecoming King and Queen with Ernest Lee Smith accepting the King’s sash and an engraved plaque and Ra’Tara Singleton receiving the Queen’s sash, flowers and the crown. The foursome were ceremoniously driven around Milford’s field in a convertible.

The Hornets kicked off to start the second half and Milford’s Davis received the ball, and 66-yards later, handed it to the referee in the Walnut Springs endzone for 6-points. The effort by Davis gives Milford a 34-0 lead. The conversion attempt fails.

The next Hornet drive bogs down near midfield and the Bulldogs take over. On Milford’s first offensive play of the second half, Hightower pitches to Davis who takes it the distance for his second touchdown, Vega’s 2-point kick after the touchdown gives the Bulldogs a staggering 44-0 lead.

The Walnut Springs offense finally sprung into action and running back Ryan Engelhardt scores from 40-yards out to get the Hornets on the board, 44-6 with 7:00 to play in the third. The Hornets’ conversion kick is blocked by Vega.

In 6-man football, after a team leads by 45-points and the entire first half has been played, the ‘mercy rule’ is invoked and the game is deemed over. That was the challenge facing the Hornets but it was also the goal of the Bulldogs who have accomplished the feat in three of their previous five games.

Although talented, luck was on Milford’s side as well. During their next possession, Milford’s Buckaloo ran 22-yards to the Hornets 34-yard line where the ball was stripped and took a friendly bounce into the hands of Davis who continued down the sideline and then spun around two Hornet tacklers and into the endzone.

The fortunate bounce made the score 50-6 with the Bulldogs needing just one more point to end the game early. With 6:17 left in the third quarter, Vega’s 2-point kick proved more than enough as the Milford Bulldogs mercy rule the Walnut Springs Hornets 52-6 to bring a glorious end to Milford’s 2010 Homecoming week.

Milford Bulldogs – notable game stats:

  • Dez Buckaloo: 7-carries for 62-yards/1-pass for 21-yards/1 rushing touchdown
  • Jamaar Davis: 11-carries for 86-yards/2-touchdown passes/2 rushing touchdowns including a 66-yard kickoff return
  • A.D. Hightower: 6-9 passing for 99-yards
  • Ernest Lee Smith: 3-receptions for 82-yards/3 receiving touchdowns
  • Jalyn Williams: 9 solo tackles
  • Rolando Vega: 5-6 conversion kicks/7 solo tackles/1 field goal block
  • Jairus Russell: 1 interception

Stats provided by: April Bradley

The 2010 Milford Bulldog Football Roster:

Head Coach: Ronny Crumpton
Assistant coaches: Otis Carter, Caleb Cox

  • 2 – Rolando Vega (Sr.)
  • 3 – Jamaar Davis (Sr.)
  • 6 – Jacob Rose (Sr.)
  • 7 – Jamie Johnson (Sr.)
  • 9 – Dez Buckaloo (Jr.)
  • 10 – Jesus Ojeda (Sr.)
  • 11 – Ernest Lee Smith (Sr.)
  • 12 – Jairus Russell (So.)
  • 13 – A.D. Hightower (Jr.)
  • 14 – Jalyn Williams (Sr.)
  • 33 – Germaine Armstrong (Jr.)
  • 99 – A.C. Singleton (Jr.)

2010 Homecoming Queen & King Nominees:

  • Ra’Tara Singleton (Sr.) (Queen)
  • Ernest Lee Smith (Sr.) (King)

  • Elizabeth Garcia (Jr.)
  • Germaine Armstrong (Jr.)

  • Rachel Strange (So.)
  • Jairus Russell (So.)

  • Taylor Falzerano (Fr.)
  • Jacob Essary (Fr.)

2010 Homecoming Sweetheart Nominees:

  • Brittany Goss (Sweetheart)
  • Tapley Strange
  • Rachel Strange
  • Laura Harvey

2010 Homecoming Beau Nominees:

  • Rolando Vega (Beau)
  • Jamie Johnson
  • Jacob Rose
  • Eric Evans