Tradition Restored

Everyone that knows me at all knows that tradition is very important to me, especially when it comes to Italy High School. I guess “once a cheerleader always a cheerleader” does apply to me. I love my Gladiators and Lady Gladiators and love Italy tradition.

I must admit that sometimes change is good. Sometimes the old needs to be discarded for the new. But, in a lot of cases, things don’t need to change. Thus the field house at the football field. For more years than I want to admit, I have fussed with anyone that would listen that the name needed to go back on the field house. I was told that there was a plaque in the field house stating the name. Well, I would say, that is great for the players and coaches, but what about the rest of us.

Finally last year I gained some hope that tradition might just be restored at Italy ISD. I met someone that promised me they would try to restore tradition as much as possible. One of the first things I mentioned was the field house. I asked that the name be placed back on the field house. At the end of football season, I was so disappointed that the name was not there.

I must say that some things are just worth waiting for. I drove down to the field this morning and was absolutely blown away. For the first time in a lot of years I looked at the field house and saw a beautifully painted Gladiator head and these words, “Jimmy Davis Memorial Field House”. Relief flooded over me and tears began to flow. I knew we had done it – a small piece of Italy tradition had been restored.

I want to say thank you to Ray Don Mitchell for doing such a great job painting it. I also want to thank Tanya Parker, our high school principal, for keeping the promise she made to me to get the name back on the field house and also for realizing that our lost traditions need to be restored. From the bottom of my heart, Tanya, I am overwhelmed and speechless. The end for now.