Alvarado’s Chosen – August Yard of the Month

Image: Edward Alvarado — Edward and Sharon Alvarado were the proud recipients of Italy’s Yard of the Month for August.

Edward Alvarado — Edward and Sharon Alvarado were the proud recipients of Italy’s Yard of the Month for August. (Cindy Sutherland)

Edward and Sharon Alvarado moved to Italy four years ago from Midlothian. This is their second time to be selected as Italy’s Yard of the Month and very well deserved.

Everywhere you look you see another picture! The landscaping is breath taking. The yard is large and filled with so many plants and trees and eye catching designs. There is a white iron table with a chandelier where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea. “This we call the ‘Tea Room’ for the ladies,” said Edward proudly.

Another area of the backyard sports a bench and an outdoor fireplace ideal to enjoy autumn evenings. Or you might want to enjoy yourself in the covered back patio gazing at beautiful scenes in the backyard.

Sharon said, “I am the designer and Edward is the muscle and together we have a lot of fun making things beautiful.”

Here are a few tips Sharon had for her gardening finesse:

  • Plant flowers and plants that are native to Texas.
  • Plant things like succulents that take less water.
  • Use raised beds for planting your fruits and vegetables.

Sharon also said that she collects rainwater and waters all her potted plants with it.

Sharon credits her grandmother for her love of gardening, Sharon had her first gardening experience when she was five years old with her grandmother in Missouri. Her grandmother helped her pick out a space of land, dig it out, plant the plants and taught her how to care for it.

Sharon explained how Edward’s grandfather had a lot of influence in Edward’s life. He taught him that anything worth having is worth taking care of and anything worth doing is worth doing right. His home and his yard is living proof of this belief.

When asked what it meant to him being named “Yard of the Month” Edward answered, “I love it. I was raised a city boy so all the gardening was new to me but I just love it. I retired from working as a car dealer for Ford, Chrysler and General Motors after forty years. I just love living in Italy.”

Sharon said, “When people tell me I must work a lot in my yard I tell them it is cheaper than going to the gym and much more rewarding!”

Congratulations on being selected “Yard of the Month” Edward and Sharon Alvarado!