Billy and Mary Copeland – Yard of the Month

Image: Mary Copeland — Mary Copeland is honored to have her yard chosen as “Yard of the Month”

Mary Copeland — Mary Copeland is honored to have her yard chosen as “Yard of the Month” (Cindy Sutherland)

“It means a lot to us to be chosen for “Yard of the Month”. It is an honor, we are glad they chose us and we want to thank them for choosing us. We don’t work in our yard to get Yard of the Month, we do it because we love to work in our yard. It is relaxing and we love to get our hands in the earth and make things grow. We have been living in Italy since 1959 and we love living in Italy. We love country living much better than city life. We love little country towns. We have lived here for a long time and it is now our home," explained Mary Copeland

Their yard has lots of green grass, flowers and beautiful trees. I asked Mary how her and her husband keep their yard so pretty during the blistering hot month of July and she responded, “We both love to work in the yard, it is very relaxing and rewarding.”

Talking with Mary about their yard she shared some tips. Don’t cut your grass real low, if you do it turns yellow or brown and looks like it is burned up. Mary said, “My husband only cuts the grass real low at the first of the year after winter is gone and then he raises the blade for a higher cutting. He doesn’t cut it low for the rest of the season. We mow every other week or every week if it has rained.”

Working in your yard two or three times a week really helps keep the yard looking good and easier to handle.

Always make sure to keep your plants watered.

Mary has a particular plant she loves to grow in her flower gardens called the Sweet Potato Plant.

“I have a thing called a Sweet Potato plant and I love it, It has mostly green leaves but sometimes some of the leaves are purple. All you do is keep it watered and it grows like crazy,” explained Mary. She added, “It is a annual plant but this year some of the plants came back from last year.”

Congratulations Billy and Mary Copeland!

Comment by Judy Rowe, July 23, 2010, 7:59am

Big congratulations to Mary Copeland on her Yard Of The Month award and thank you to the Neo for featuring her accomplishment. I hope this will continue each month so all can see who wins each month. It is so fun to see the winner and to read their tips and ideas on yard care and landscaping! Great job Mary :)