FBC Youth Invite Supporters to “Youth Sunday”

Image: FBC Crossroads Retreat Youth Camp 2010

FBC Crossroads Retreat Youth Camp 2010

The youth of First Baptist Church invite you to join us for “Youth Sunday” on July 11th at 11:00 am. Summer Camp 2010 was so much fun that we want to take this special day to share our photos, videos, and skits with you—our families, friends, and community!

Come see how we practiced teamwork, reflected on those who truly support us, and learned how sin subtly leaks into our lives through things we didn’t even realize are temptations. Our recent 4-day trip to Crossroads Retreat exercised both our physical and spiritual “muscles,” but we surely had a blast in the process!

Lunch will be served after the Youth Sunday service. Complimentary DVDs filled with our photos and video clips will be available to all parents whose children attended camp. We hope you will come out and support us!

If you have questions please contact FBC Youth Director, Michael Chambers, at 972-483-0716. Visit us online at www.fbcitaly.org.