Stafford Elementary’s end of the year honor assembly

Image: Look at our awards — These are some very proud award winners.

Look at our awards — These are some very proud award winners. (Cindy Sutherlan)

There wasn’t a seat left in the house on Thursday morning, June 3rd in the Stafford Elementary gymnasium. Even the floor was taken up by visitors. Why you ask? It was the end of the year awards assembly for Stafford Elementary and it was also Miss Maever’s last assembly.

Once again there were lots and lots of awards being handed out. Some of the awards were: all A’s, all A’s and B’s, perfect attendance, completion of all homework assignments, kept all Tiger Paws, completion of Pizza Hut Reading program, completion of Braum’s Reading program, Take Time to Read, and Accelerated Reading program.

Angie Janek (P.E.Teacher) took the stage and recited a poem she had written entitled, “Farewell Marbles”. As each student was called up to receive their awards they would put a marble in the jar sitting on the table. Each marble represented each student. Once the jar was filled a candle was put in the jar. It is meant to represent the student’s love. So when Miss Maevers lights the candle she will be reminded of the student’s love for her.

Mr. Ivey presented the Lamar Award to third grade teacher Amy McClusky. Mr. Ivey said, “We try to pick one teacher each year. Amy McClusky was chosen this year. Everyone gets a chance to get the lamar award. It is mainly to show our deep appreciation of all the teachers do for the school and the students”.

Special guest, Sharon Stafford, came to present the Accelerated Reading award to sixth grader Amber Hooker and fifth grader Eli Garcia. They had the highest reading points. Sharon said, “I am proud to be in the school that was named after my Grandfather William Hobart Stafford who founded this school”.

Miss Maevers tearfully said, "This is very emotional for me, this is my last assembly and I love these kids, I love the school and it has gone so very, very well. It has just been wonderful today, the awards have been great. Every child is getting an award and it is a very well deserved award that each student gets and I just wish everyone the very, very best.

Farewell Marbles
by Angie Janek

We were always first in your heart
and you so deeply cared
Giving of yourself
and all you had to share

So now we give to you, take the marble
from our tiny hand
and before long
we hope you understand

You will be missed greatly by
student, teacher and friend
But you must think of this as a
beginning and not as an end

The marbles will soon surround
the candle within
Like your love has embraced us
and has always been

The live’s you touch are numerous
like the marbles within the glass
Each one a small life
that will soon be part of your past

When this vase is placed upon a shelf
and the candle is a glow
We hope you will feel the love we have
for you from head to toe

Good job Stafford Elementary students and we will miss you Carolyn Maevers!