Kindergarten Rodeo

Image: On Your Mark Get Set — These students are ready to do the flag race.

On Your Mark Get Set — These students are ready to do the flag race. (Cindy Sutherland)

Monday afternoon was a great day for the Kindergartners at Stafford Elementary. It was their annual “Rodeo”.

There were many different stunts being performed on stick horses such as: a flag race, a barrel race and bull riding. You should have seen these bull ropers, pretty serious business was written all over their faces as they tried to rope that bull with hula hoops!

“This is our annual Kindergarten Rodeo where we are doing rodeo activities on our stick horses. It is pretty hot today, we are trying to make it a little shorter today because of the heat, but the heat has not gotten the students down, they are raring to go. Flag races and barrel races, which are popular every year are some of the activities we are doing and we have added bull roping. The kentucky derby will take place at the end to see who is the fastest,” explained Holly Spraberry (kindergarten teacher).

The first race was barrel racing and boy did they go. These little cowhands took this rodeo to heart. They galloped around the first barrel, went to the second and third barrel and high tailed it back to the start.

Way to “Rodeo” Stafford Kindergartners! Another great day at Stafford Elementary.