Deep in the Jungle

Image: Circle of Life — These First Graders were singing up a storm.

Circle of Life — These First Graders were singing up a storm. (Cindy Sutherland)

When I walked into Stafford Elementary’s cafeteria Thursday, I thought I was in the Jungle! There were wild animals everywhere you looked. Kind of scary, until you realize they are the cutest little first graders you ever saw putting on their annual Deep in the Jungle musical.

First you see them perform to Circle of Love with dancing and singing. Then three little monkeys and a crocodile appeared. Oh, those little monkeys were tormenting the crocodile saying, “Nanny Boo Boo you couldn’t catch us if you tried.” Well you guessed it, at the end of this performance there were no more monkeys.

Next up the crocodiles recited the poem, Crafty Crocodile.

Several more poems were recited and many songs like Going on a Lion Hunt, I Just want to be King, The Bare Necessities, The Lion Sleeps Tonight and lots more.

Charlotte Morgan (First Grade teacher) said, “This is a Rumble in the Jungle”, we do this each year and the kids get better and better and they just love it.

Mrs. Morgan asked the children in the audience if they remembered doing this play and lots of them did and lots of them wanted to do it again!

Hats off to another great performance Mrs. Morgan, Mrs. McClusky and Mrs. Williams!

Another great day at Stafford Elementary!