Correction to story “Italy Park Board strives to reach goals”

An article about the Italy Park Board yesterday misstated the purpose of the meeting held Tuesday night and information about the new concession stand at Upchurch Field. The whole purpose of the meeting was to organize fundraisers for the new concession stand being constructed and help complete the finish out.

The new concession stand will actually be a hollow building with insulation applied, roll-up doors and will have necessary electrical and plumbing roughed in. The city paid for the metal building with the help of matching funds from a donor.

The building was proposed in 2009 to the city council and in October was approved and placed in the budget. Another citizen donated a professional juice bar that contains drainage and will be a good place for a soda fountain.

City Administrator, Teri Murdock, originated the idea but realizes it will take everyone’s help to finish it.

“I would like to see Italy move forward and have a good place for birthday parties, family reunions and functions that would necessitate a large place,” Murdock commented. “We are hoping to get input from our citizens. I am very excited about this project. I am hoping to promote this area for club functions, domino games, movie night at the park or concerts on the lawn,” Murdock said. “The purpose of the discussion (Italy Park Board) was to organize fundraisers to help sponsor the completion of the new concession stand. The Park Board has been very successful implementing the Christmas parade, the Mayor’s Easter Egg Hunt and finding donations and raising funds for the George Scott Park.”

At a future date, Ms. Murdock would like to see landscaping and a walking trail implemented at the Upchurch Fields. “We are making progress and want to give families a place to enjoy the outdoors.”