IYAA Opening Day tonight at the Upchurch Ball Fields

IYAA Opening Day — Weather permitting, the IYAA cordially invites everyone to the Upchurch Ball Fields for IYAA Opening Day this evening. IYAA Opening Day will be dedicated to the memories of Bobby Itson, Robert Burch, Bob Tipping and George E. Scott. Each of the honorees promoted youth sports and fitness, helping to bring our community closer together thru victory and accomplishment.

The concession stand will be loaded with drinks and snacks. Each field has a pair of bleachers but you’re more than welcome to bring a lawn chair. Picnic tables are also available for eating and visiting. Play ball!

Team pictures will not be taken this Saturday. The league has several make up games being rescheduled on Saturday. Therefore, IYAA Picture Day has been moved to Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Here is the picture schedule:

Tuesday May 4, 2010:

  • 5:30 — Charles Hyles – Boy’s T-Ball
  • 5:50 — Stephen Janek – Boy’s Machine Pitch
  • 6:10 — Lisa Mott – Girl’s Coach Pitch
  • 6:30 — Stephen Mott – Boy’s 10u
  • 6:50 — Jason Escamilla – Boy’s 12u
  • 7:10 — Gary Wood – Boy’s 14u

Wednesday May 5, 2010:

  • 5:30 — Michael Chambers – Girl’s 12u
  • 5:50 — Tessa South – Girl’s T-Ball
  • 6:10 — Robin Wafer – Girl’s 10u
  • 6:30 — Doug Nelson – Girl’s 15u
  • 6:50 — Ken Norwood – Boy’s 12u

Teams should be there about 10 minutes before picture time to fill out forms. These are the only dates available for pictures so we appreciates everyone’s cooperation and patience.

IYAA Sports, “The winning tradition starts here.”