Stafford students visit the “DQ” for lunch

Image: We’re Here! — Stafford students were ready for lunch at the “DQ”.

We’re Here! — Stafford students were ready for lunch at the “DQ”. (Cindy Sutherland)

Wednesday around 11:00 am the big yellow Italy school bus from Stafford Elementary drove up to the Italy “DQ”. Lots of smiling faces and hungry pre-k and kindergarten students were ready for lunch. They had just spent the morning at the Italy City Park playing hard and having lots of fun.

Stafford Elementary students were having TAKS tests so the pre- k and kindergarten students were having fun away from the school so the older grades could take their test.

Sherry Phillips (manager) took the students through the kitchen stopping and explaining how the hamburgers were made and how to flip them over. She took them to the fryers and showed them how chicken strips and french fries were being prepared.

The owner of the Italy Dairy Queen, Iva Mauldin said, “We have about eighty kids here today from Stafford Elementary to have lunch and a tour of our restaurant. We are ready for them too. The meat is cooking and the buns are done and the french fries are frying. Because the older children needed peace and quiet to take their TAKS tests we invited the little ones here. We love having them and hope to make this a tradition for years to come.”

Holly Sprayberry (kindergarten teacher) said, “This is our pre-k and kindergarten group. We have been out at the city park playing all morning and we are here at Dairy Queen for lunch and a tour then we are going back to the park to finish up playing until the big kids finish up their TAKS test. The kids are so excited. It has been a fun day.”

Another great day for Stafford students!