Stafford’s Big Top Circus

Image: A Full House — The full house of proud parents and family members enjoyed the circus.

A Full House — The full house of proud parents and family members enjoyed the circus. (Cindy Sutherland)

Thursday night at 7:00 pm the Stafford Elementary’s lunch room was transformed into a live circus scene. Pre-k and kindergarten students were starring in the “Big Top Circus.” Everywhere you looked you saw the cutest little clowns, acrobats, stunt riders, elephants, jugglers, lions, tightrope walkers and we mustn’t forget the ringmaster.

To start off the circus all the performers sang “Take Me Out to the Circus”. A joyful melody combined with smiles assured the audience the fun was just beginning.

The clowns performed Five Silly Clowns, We are Clowns Today, Funny Clown and Clowns in the Circus. Next up were the “flipping” acrobats performing 10 Little Acrobats.

No sooner did the acrobats leave the stage, the fearless stunt riders drove in on their motorcycles revving their engines and zooming around the stage. Soon after the stunt riders left the stage the elephants appeared doing such tricks, as kneeling, and walking in a line. It was quite the performance!

Jugglers were juggling balls, Lions were singing Oh Little Lion and the death defying tightrope walkers were daringly walking the rope. The show came to an end with all the performers singing I’ve Been Walking Through the Circus. Overall this was a performance that won’t be forgotten.

Holly Sprayberry said, “Mrs. Aguado (Pre-K teacher), Mrs. Massey and Mrs. Daughtry (Kindergarten teachers) put this whole program together. I helped by doing whatever they told me to do. This is the first year that we have done this, it is a new program for us. We normally do a Christmas program and we decided to do a Spring program. It has been a good time for all involved. The kids are having a great time, right along with the teachers.”

And a great time was had by all! Another great day at Stafford Elementary.