School board approves teacher contracts, hires math teacher

The Italy School Board of Directors approved teacher contracts for 2010-2011 at its monthly meeting held Monday evening.

Following a three-hour executive session, members reconvened at 10:50 p.m. and approved teacher contracts as presented by the principals.

At Stafford Elementary, the board approved the following teacher contracts: Jennifer Aguado, Cheryl Allen, Leslie Allen, Melissa Bedard, Theresa Cockran, Beverly Cox, Karen Dalquest, Amanda Daughtry, Linda Doherty, Octavia Dorazil, Brandy Hamilton, Rochelle Hellner, Kristi Holley, Susan Jacinto, Angie Janek and Jeanette Janek.

Other elementary teachers approved included: Paula Mandrell, Alisha Massey, April Mathers, Amy McCleskey, Jane Medrano, Delaine Meeks, Charlotte Morgan, Rebecca Murphy, Kimberly Nelson, Peri Patterson, Debra Prowell, Jan Shepard, Holly Spraberry, Tracy Williams and Teresa Young.

Tommy Morrison voted against the continued employment of probationary teachers.

At the junior high/high school level, the board approved the following teachers: Marjorie Bridge, Margie Davis, Michael Destefani, GT Dickerson, Richard Harvel, John Lindsey, Vivian Moreland, Jesus Perez, Candice Puckett, Marilyn Seidlitz, Cynthia Springer, Cheri Timmes, Erik Wilson and Andrea Windham.

Athletic Director Craig Bales and Principal Tanya Parker recommended the following coaches for the upcoming year: Matt Coker, Steven Coleman, Stacy McDonald, Jennifer Reeves, Tina Richards and Josh Ward. The board approved all.

The board agreed to hiring Casey Holden as a secondary math teacher with Morrison and Cindy Carter voting against the motion.

The board accepted the resignations of Ann Hyles, Kyle Holley and Jonathan McLean during the consent agenda.

Also approved during the consent agenda was the donation of funds to the district.

Jimmie Malone, superintendent, said a $360 anonymous donation was made to the cheerleaders for meals and lodging during the basketball play-off games. Tina Haight made a $250 donation to the varsity cheerleaders and a $700 donation to the TKO Saturday TAKS preparation. The money donated for the TKO, Malone said, went toward treats and door prizes.

Malone explained that the maintenance staff has reworked the football field. He said they “turned the dirt” and raised the field eight inches by adding a crown. Coach Bales said he had seen the field following recent rains and said it drains well.

Malone said Lee Hamilton is going to survey the field and then a group out of Prosper will come in and spray mulch and seed onto the field at a cost of $14 per yard. He explained that it would take approximately 120 yards, which will cost the district between $5,000 and $5,500.

This total is much less than having professionals come in and rework the field.

Curtis Riddle, board member, said, “I appreciate you keeping the taxpayers money in mind.”

Malone said the district hosted three play-off basketball games. He said the district cleared at least $500 plus concessions on each game.

During the superintendent’s report, Malone said total enrollment is 637 students with a refined average daily attendance at 590.79.

Malone said all board members met their minimum required training.

Training hours for 2009 were announced: Carter, eight hours; Paul Cockerham and Curtis Riddle, 11.5 hours each; Cheryl Owen and Marty Haight, 15 hours each; Morrison, 15.5 hours; and Larry Eubank, 17.5 hours.

During the financial reports Monica Boyd, business manager, said the finances are looking good right now.

She said the district has realized 59.72% of its projected revenues and expended 54.77% of its expenditures. She said the revenue is about 10% less than the same time last year.

Boyd explained that approximately $5,700 grant money remained from the lighting project. She said the state has approved the district replacing rotting eaves at the elementary campus. Once the eaves are replaced, she said they will all be painted.

Malone sought the board’s guidance regarding the rental of school facilities. He said the district is receiving more and more requests to rent the facility but many want the fees waived. He said he usually waives fees for non-profit organizations and school-related booster club organizations. The board tabled the item until next month.

Malone recognized the February and March Employees of the Month.

Stacy McDonald, girl’s basketball coach, received the honor for February. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M in Commerce. She coached in the Allen ISD for 10 years and worked as the Ferris ISD Girl’s Athletic Director before coming to the Italy ISD.

Malone told her that he appreciated her and the fact that she got the girl’s basketball team to the playoffs this year.

The superintendent named Clover Stiles as March Employee of the Month. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Science from Lamar University. She is mother to three children.

Malone said he appreciated her versatility noting that she is an asset to the district.

The board also approved the second reading of the TASB Policy Update 87 and approved a budget amendment.

The meeting adjourned about 11:15 p.m.