Milford’s one act play-Foiled by an Innocent Maid

Image: Genora Armstrong & Tapley Strange — Maude Filbert (Genora Armstrong) and Faith Hopewell (Tapley Strange) were terrific in this one act play.

Genora Armstrong & Tapley Strange — Maude Filbert (Genora Armstrong) and Faith Hopewell (Tapley Strange) were terrific in this one act play. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday night at Milford ISD the entertainment began with a three course meal served up with smiles by the cast and crew of the night’s performance, Foiled by an Innocent Maid.

Foiled by an Innocent Maid was an entertaining production put on by the Milford High School. Every year they do better than the last with their one act plays. This year took the prize. You have a mean villain, and yet hilarious at the same time. Don’t forget Faith Hopewell-the innocent maid- from outlandish crying, to hiding the baby in a trunk and then falling in love all at the same time- what drama!

Genora Armstrong played Maude Filbert and did a fantastic job. “I am the best friend that is trying to comfort everyone but I end up making things worse. It is a lot of fun and a lot of work,” explained Genora.

Tapley Strange played Faith Hopewell, “I am the innocent maid. I have the baby that I don’t know whose it is. I just found him. Toward the end of the play we find out who he belongs to and it is a big, big mess. A whole bunch of drama and a whole bunch of fun.”

And fun is what she brought to the audience. Tapley’s flair for the dramatic brought the little maid to life, jumping on the couch, splayed out on the floor moaning for help added just the right touches.

Rachel Strange played inconsolable Rachel Follansbee, “My character is a very old woman, she is grieving over the loss of her daughter that just passed away. She can’t seem to control her feelings. She wants to be happy but she is pretty much sad throughout the play. She has also lost her grandchild so she is going through that and then a villain comes along and messes with her emotions more but in the end she finds her grandchild.”

Raborn Sprabary played Letitia Carruthers and was a very convincing deaf person. “I play Letitia who is partially deaf, she is the mother of Rachel and she is also grieving with the loss of her granddaughter, daughter and great grandson, that have died in a train crash. I come to find out that my grandchild is alive and a voice of a child brings my hearing back.”

Jacob Rose played the dastardly villain. “I play Ferguson Longfellow I am the villain in the play and I am trying to steal the Follensbee fortune and I do whatever it takes to get to it.”

Russell Clingenpeel played the delivery boy hero and what a great job he did especially noting the fact he took over this part last minute. “I play Jimmy he is the hero of the play. I am the hero and save the day.”

Marilee Byrne (principal of Milford ISD) explained, “The play tonight is Foiled by an Innocent Maid. It is a Melodrama. The first year I came to Milford I was the one act play director and this is the same play that I did in 1991. It is fun to see a whole different set of kids and how they approach it. Khristy Strange and Cheryl Sessums are the co-directors and once again have done an outstanding job.”

Once again a wonderful production by Milford ISD!