Milford High School’s powerlifting team having successful season

Image: Mike Owens — Mike Owens preparing for bench press.

Mike Owens — Mike Owens preparing for bench press.

When you think of Milford, basketball or football comes to mind. In bulldog country, these two sports rank as high as making all A’s on a report card. But now, there’s a new sport in town: Powerlifting.

Coach Ronny Crumpton coached this sport at Rising Star before coming back to teach at Milford. Since students are required to strength train during off-season, Crumpton decided to offer students a chance to compete in power lifting.

“It’s been difficult getting this program off the ground,” stated Crumpton. “Many of the kids are not used to this type of sport and the school didn’t budget for it. I’m proud that three boys and three girls decided to give it a try.”

Rachel Strange lifted a total of 370 in her 114 weight division at the Rio Vista meet bringing home a fifth place medal January 23. Mike Owens lifted a total of 585 to earn him a fifth place medal at the Whitney meet January 30. Tapley Strange, 148 weight division, lifted 580 pounds for the second place medal on February 3 at Summit High School in Mansfield.

“I gave the kids an individual schedule in hopes of increasing what they lift by several pounds a week. It has paid off because all of them lifted 30-60 pounds more at the second meet,” commented Crumpton.

Laura Harvey, Tapley Strange, Jacob Rose and Kyler Scherf also compete for Milford. All three girls have different weight classes. Rose and Scherf compete against each other in the same weight class.

“I’m a little disappointed that I only placed seventh,” said Laura Harvey. “I did have a personal record on squat and dead lift. I’m proud that I lifted 60 pounds more than the first meet.”

Power lifting is not a U.I.L. sport. However, it does follow the U.I.L. guidelines with no pass, no play. There is competition at the district, region, and state level. Milford is a member of the Texas High School Powerlifting Association in both the men’s and women’s group.

It may not be basketball, but those who compete in powerlifting, love it.