Champ the Maverick’s blue horse mascot visits Stafford

Image: They’re in the Groove — Mrs. Dorazil, Byron Thomas and students “getting down.”

They’re in the Groove — Mrs. Dorazil, Byron Thomas and students “getting down.” (Cindy Sutherland)

Thursday morning at nine o’clock the Stafford gymnasium was rocking with laughter, music and dancing. What was all the commotion about you ask? Well, let me tell you all about it. Champ, Dallas Maverick’s blue horse mascot was in the building!

Jim Tennison and Byron Thomas travel from school to school to present Champ the Mavericks mascot program to help the students get prepared and excited about the upcoming TAKS test.

“This is our TAKS show that is focused on the TAKS test. We are targeting the 3rd grade thru 5th grade classes that have to take the TAKS test. We have a show through the Dallas Mavericks that reminds the students of the things the teachers have already been teaching them about preparing for the TAKS test. We use humor from our character Champ, the Maverick’s blue horse mascott. We use video with some of the Maverick players such as Dirk and Jason Kidd and Jason Terry. We build a multi media show to get the kids interested and excited about the TAKS test and test taking strategies,” explained Jim Tennison.

They began the program with some jumpy music and invited Mrs. Dorazil, Kendric Norwood, Ty Windham, Shaniaya Johnson and Oleshia Anderson to jam with the music. Mrs. Dorazil really surprised everyone when she really “got her groove on.”

Byron Thomas wanted to find out which class had the most spirit. Thomas explained to the students that the Mavericks have a saying and the saying is “If you are not listening then you are not learning.” So, Thomas yelled out, “if you are not listening” and then each class yelled back, “you are not learning”. It finally came to a showdown between the fourth grade and the fifth grade classes. Fourth grade was determined to have yelled the loudest, therefore indicating they have the most spirit.

Using Champ as an example of what not to do the night before your TAKS test really had the kid’s attention. It was shown on video describing the night before Champ’s big test. Champ was playing cards, playing the drums, talking on the phone, watching movies late at night and did not go to sleep until midnight. When his alarm went off in the morning he kept hitting the snooze button and woke up late for his test. He didn’t have time to shower, brush his teeth, get dressed and he missed the bus. The bottom line was, he was not prepared.

Byron Thomas, along with Champ and Amy McCleskey (teacher) and Mrs. Prowell (teacher) taught the students how to take the test.

They wrapped up the program with Champ doing a victory dance with the students celebrating the fact that he passed his test.

Another fun and educational day at Stafford Elementary.