Italy Lions Club Broom and Mop sale – A Success

Image: Arvel Gowin and customer — Here is a happy customer supporting the blind.

Arvel Gowin and customer — Here is a happy customer supporting the blind. (Cindy Sutherland)

Friday and Saturday Italy Lions Club members were busy selling their mops and brooms for the blind. Italy citizens came out and as usual were supporting this good cause. Italy ISD, Milford ISD and First Baptist Church of Milford were some of the bigger buyers.

“The Italy and Milford School districts were very beneficial in helping us to raise some funds for the blind and the needy. They were very helpful by buying quite a bit of products from us and we are just so thankful for Italy and Milford School districts, First Baptist Church of Milford and the citizens of Italy and surrounding towns for helping us out in this cause,” explained Arval Gowin (President of Italy Lions Club).

On Friday at around noon Italy Lions Club had already raised $600.00. The grand total for the two days came to approximately $1,019.00 from the sale.

“This is our first annual broom and mop sale. What is good about all these products we are selling is that they were made strictly by the blind and this helps provide them a job. The products come in from all over the United States. We have just about every state represented here. We are selling these products to help them with jobs and also the Italy Lions club gets a small percentage to help with our projects.

All the money raised that we receive for the Lions Club will go to our Scholarship fund. We are honored to be here at Hobbs Supply and Feed and we are grateful to James and Joyce Hobbs for letting us be here.They have been so helpful with the Italy Lions club. Since they have been here they have just bent over backwards to be supportive of us and we couldn’t do what we do without them," explained Gowin.

James Hobbs said, “I am with Hobbs Feed and Supply along with my wife Joyce. We are supporting the Lions Club one hundred percent on anything they do to raise money around here to help the kids and the community.”

The Italy Lions Club received $450.00 as their percentage, along with donations that people gave.

A job well done!