IYAA basketball teams shine bright on opening day

Image: Annie Perry put in 5-points to help her team win 12-6 — Italy’s 3rd and 4th grade girls pull out a victory against Hillsboro inside the old Italy gym on Saturday.

Annie Perry put in 5-points to help her team win 12-6 — Italy’s 3rd and 4th grade girls pull out a victory against Hillsboro inside the old Italy gym on Saturday. (Barry Byers)

A fun time was had by all the IYAA basketball players, coaches and fans on Saturday as the 2010 season got underway. Below are a few of the stats and scores from around the league.

Italy 10 (1st & 2nd Coed) coached by Dustie Jones, had their first game come down to the final second as Ricky Pendleton launched a 3-point bomb from the circle at center court that dropped in to apparently tie the game 21-21.

The shot was waived off, however, since the ball hit the top of the backboard, bounced upward, and then fell thru the basket. Hillsboro got the win 21-18 but fans got an exciting moment in youth sports. Alex Jones and Gage Wafer scored 1-point each and Ricky Pendleton finished with 16-points against Hillsboro.

Head Coach Ken Norwood and his Italy 29 (5th & 6th Boys) team nicknamed, “Norwood’s Netpoppers,” picked up where they left off last season. After going undefeated in 2009, Norwood’s team started the 2010 season with a 50-36 win against Hillsboro. Top scorers for Italy 29 were Oshea Turner who put in 10, Kevin Johnson dropped in 10 as well, including two 3-pointers, and Kenneth Norwood scored 18, with one 3-pointer, to seal the deal.

Italy 25 (5th & 6th Girls) coached by Alex Barajas, won 40-16 over Hillsboro Royal Blue. Moesha Griffin scored 1-point, Lyric Brooks made 2-points, Quintera Washington scored 5-points, Oleshia Anderson made 6-points, Shercorya Chance scored 6-points and Aarion Copeland added 14 in the win.

Italy 14 (3rd & 4th Girls) coached by Jerry Glenn, were locked in a 2-2 tie with Hillsboro Maroon but pulled out a 12-6 victory by games end. Elisha McClendon, Grace Haight and Hannah Haight each scored 1-point for Italy along with 4-points from Chardonae Talton and 5-points from Annie Perry.

Italy 31 (5th & 6th Boys) head coached by Schederick Walker came up shy of a win 37-32 against Hillsboro on Saturday. Lance McClendon lead Italy 31 in scoring with 11-points, including a 3-pointer, despite Hillsboro’s win.

Italy 25 (5th & 6th Girls) coached by Barry Byers started off in a 6-6 tie with Hillsboro Black after the pre-game layups. Then Italy went up 8-6 and then lead 28-16 early in the 4th. A Hillsboro rally made it 28-22 midway thru the 4th. The final 4:00 were all Italy as they survived against a talented Hillsboro team and get the opening day win, 37-22.

Ashlyn Jacinto, Josie Perkins and Cassidy Childers each put 1-point, Halee Turner, Brooke DeBorde and Hannah Washinton each scored 2-points, Lillie Perry knocked down 4-points and was the assist leader, Janae Robertson was outstanding with 11-points and DeCorea Green finished with 13-points, including two 3-pointers, to give Italy 25 a 1-0 start.

Congratulations to Italy 30 (5th & 6th Boys) on their Saturday win. “Windham’s Warriors” coached by Andrea Windham put on a clinic against Hillsboro Forest Green to win 43-23.

Italy 21 (3rd & 4th Boys) coached by Edwin Wallace handled Hillsboro Maroon by winning their debut 36-22 in Hillsboro.

Italy 13 (3rd & 4th Girls) head coached by Derrick Cunningham pulled out a close one against Hillsboro Black 16-12.

Italy 20 (3rd & 4th Boys) head coached by Scott Rodgers fell short of a win against Hillsboro Black 37-27. Italy’s Ryder Itson lead Italy 20 with 12-points, including one 3-pointer. Garrett Janek, Stockard Smithwick, Ethan Rodgers and Payton each made 1-point, James McIntyre and Ty Hamilton scored 2 each and Alex Hernandez put in 7-points. Don’t worry Italy fans, expect this talented squad to bounce back next Saturday against Hillsboro Maroon in Hillsboro.

Italy 9 (1st & 2nd Coed) coached by Deloris Harris competed hard against a talented Hillsboro Royal Blue team. Although Hillsboro won convincingly 30-12, the “Harris Hoopsters” were all smiles after the game and excited to be playing IYAA basketball.

A special thanks to Gary Wood, Kelly Lewis and DeCorea Green for helping with the video.